Peritoneal Products for an Active Lifestyle

The PD Belt was created 10 years ago by a patient on Peritoneal Dialysis George Militzer, an Architect and Industrial Designer by trade.  While being extremely active and pursuing his love of ocean sailing, George began experiencing peritonitis from the constant movement of his catheter.  Annoyed with taping and re-taping his catheter, he began to look for other alternatives for securing his tube comfortably to his body. He was amazed that there were so few products on the market geared towards the peritoneal patient's comfort.  Using his entrepreneurship background; George decided to design a belt himself. After a few prototypes, George settled on a design which would become the base design of the current PD Belt. Not only did the PD Belt stabilize the tube and exit site, it was actually comfortable to wear. Using the PD Belt day and night, George saw his exit site irritations eliminated and peritonitis outbreaks drop to zero. The PD Belt began drawing attention from the nurses and doctors at his local clinic as well as fellow dialysis patients. Despite being a life long diabetic, he was told by his doctor that he had the healthiest exit site in the clinic. Encouraged by fellow patients as well as doctors, George began looking to mass produce the belt so other PD patients could enjoy the same benefits he had. George eventually teamed up with the Frank Stubbs Co., Inc., a company with over 30 years in the medical manufacturing business, to produce his PD Belts. In addition, he created HealthCare Specialties LLC which designs and produces products for Peritoneal Dialysis patients.

Since its inception, HealthCare Specialties LLC, has produced and distributed its products to thousands of satisfied patients all around the world.

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Patent #5,496,282