PD Belt™  

Patent #5,496,282



The PD Belt is a revolutionary product used by thousands of patients to help stabilize the exit site while securely storing the catheter tube and transfer unit.  The belt was created by a former Peritoneal Dialysis patient for his personal use to fight bouts of peritonitis while on CAPD and CCPD.  The belt was so successful that after encouragement from other patients and nurses, he began the process of producing the belt for others.  Since its inception, the PD Belt has undergone numerous changes to improve the performance and comfort of the belt. This product is latex free.

The PD Belt comes in five convenient sizes to cover a wide range of patients.  The PD Belts are also designed with additional material to allow the patients to adjust the belt throughout the day.  Packaged in groups of three, one package of belts will last approximately four months with continual wear and normal intervals of laundering.


Application and Cleaning Instructions


To apply the belt, wrap around your waist above your exit site with the outer most flap above your exit site and secure contact closure.  Open up both flaps and take transfer unit and place in elastic pouch.  Next run catheter tube across the contact closure flaps and secure by wrapping the flap around the tubing.  Repeat for both contact closure flaps.  To increase stabilization, one can apply the self-adhesive band that comes with the belt to the catheter tube.  The belt SHOULD NEVER come in contact with the exit site.  The exit site should be cleaned and maintained per your physician or nurse's instructions.

To clean the belt, we recommend hand washing the belts with a mild liquid detergent and cold water.  Air dry only.  For extremely soiled belts, one can put a little hydrogen peroxide into the wash water, the peroxide will act as a natural bleaching agent.  DO NOT put in a washing machine or dryer.



The PD-Belts come in 5 convenient sizes to accommodate a wide range of patients.  For sizing measure around abdomen a few inches above the exit site.

Pediatric (16"-24")

Small (23"-36")

Medium (30"-44")

Large (36"-48")

X-Large (46"-58")

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Medicare Reimbursement

Due to the changes in Medicare, the reimbursement number HCPCS A4653 for the PD Belt is no longer reimbursed.

If your local clinic or office does not currently carry or offer the PD Belt, print up this flyer and take it in to encourage them to carry the PD Belt.

PD-Belt Flyer (pdf file)




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