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     When a woman goes through a pregnancy, the body experiences a tremendous amount of change.  To help facilitate the recovery process, Flex-Support ® has designed the Postpartum Abdominal Binder.  The Postpartum Abdominal Binder is designed to provide support to the body (both the abdomen and back) during the post-pregnancy recovery process.  The Postpartum Abdominal Wrap also helps reduce unwanted stretch marks and can help improve the skin's natural elasticity while helping the abdominal region return back to its pre-pregnancy shape when used in conjunction with exercise and diet (per your physician’s recommendation). 

     The Postpartum abdominal Wrap is specially designed to contour to a women's body.  The binder has a padded contoured back panel which provides support while hugging the body and maintaining its shape.  In addition the back panel has a cut-out design which helps facilitate a full range of motion while preventing rolling or shifting.  The binder is designed to be comfortable and will not get hot or cause excessive perspiration.

    One of the best features of the Postpartum Abdominal Wrap is that it can contour to a wide range of body shapes and sizes.  It accomplishes this through two elastic side panels (8" and 10" models) which can be readjusted to the body as it undergoes the recovery changes after a pregnancy.  Since the compression and shape can be adjusted, it can help facilitate the body’s natural healing process.  The level of compression will vary with individual preference, but should not cause discomfort to the midsection or impede breathing.  While the Postpartum Abdominal Binder has a plush back padding and elastic side panels, it is form fitting and can be worn under clothing and will not interfere with breastfeeding. 

    The Postpartum Abdominal Binder can be used after both a vaginal or c-section deliveries.  The Postpartum Abdominal Binder can be worn a few days after giving birth (some have found it helpful to bring to the hospital) to 4-8 weeks (in some cases patients prefer a longer or shorter duration) post-birth.  Before applying the Postpartum Abdominal Binder, please consult with your OB/GYN for guidance.  It is also latex free to minimize potential irritations and should not be worn in the shower, bathtub, or pool.

    The Postpartum Abdominal Binder can be cleaned as well.  The binder should be hand washed with a mild detergent and air dried.  The binder should not be used in water or applied when wet.  Using a machine wash or dryer can damage the elastic as well as the hook and loop closure preventing the binder’s effectiveness.



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Product Details

- Contoured back panel prevents rolling, shifting, or riding up and is designed to move with you!

- Plush side and back panels for added comfort

- Soft elastic side panels to maximize comfort while providing stable compression

- Easy application contact closure tabs allow maximum adjustability

- High quality medical grade materials

- Latex Free

- Two convenient sizes (28"-44") or (44"-60")

- Two convenient heights 8" and 10"

- Currently comes in White

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